A website is your business’s number one online marketing tool. It is often the first contact potential customers will have with your brand.

Make sure your website is working for your business by implementing these 7 features of a great website:



1. Website designed around clear objectives

Great websites are designed to achieve goals, whether that’s to increase online sales, generate more leads or simply improve brand recognition. These objectives shape the design so need to be established before the website design, or redesign, begins.

Read this if you need help establishing your website’s objectives: What is the purpose of your website?

2. Modern, user-friendly design

Great websites are built on a solid development framework, load fast, adjust to different screen sizes (responsive) and look amazing.

3. Honours brand identity

A great website expresses a brand’s unique identity by making the logo, brand colours, fonts and personality central to the design and copy. Great web design is impossible without a clear and distinctive brand identity.

4. Understands & appeals to the target market

A great website is results driven and to achieve those results it needs to appeal to the target market.

Like website objectives, the target market (or ideal customer) should be clearly defined before web design begins. This then shapes the copywriting, site navigation, design layout and choice of photos / graphics used throughout the website.

Here’s a guide that will help you define your target audience.


5. Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Great websites rank highly in search engine results for relevant keywords their potential customers use when searching for their products or services.

SEO is a complex process involving techniques such as keyword research, strategic copywriting using those keywords, content marketing and backlink building.

Read this beginner’s guide to SEO.

6. Use high-quality, authentic photos

Studies show that cheesy, superficial stock photos do more harm than good. Read this – 13 hilarious examples of truly awful stock photography – to see what I mean.

Authentic photos, showing the real, honest and human side of a business, increase trust and engagement.

Even if your business can’t afford a professional photographer at this point in time, you can still source authentic photos from free-to-use sites like Unsplash.

7. Fresh, original content

Great websites use content marketing to build trust, improve SEO and get more meaningful traffic. In fact, the number one way to drive more traffic to a website is through content marketing.

In other words, create a blog on your website and learn how to attract your target customers via your blog. Please don’t use your blog as a self-promotion tool. Effective content marketing is about adding value to your audience’s lives.

Click here for 20 blog article topics guaranteed to drive massic traffic to your website.

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