INFOGRAPHIC – 5 web design trends making the internet more beautiful

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Feel free to download this infographic as an image (right click on it to save) or as a pdf here. I don’t mind if you share it on your own website or social media, just please credit Thanks!

Web design is such a fantastic industry to be in right now. There are so many amazing design possibilities and inspiration is everywhere.

Below are five of my favourite web design trends that are making the internet a more beautiful place (and helping me to love what I do even more).

1. Minimalism

Clean and uncluttered layouts; lots of big white space and only using elements that are absolutely  necessary are all features of minimalist design.

Minimalist design creates a deep sense of calm. For me, minimalism is the soulful antidote to our all- too-often chaotic, over indulgent, society.

2. cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are a combination of video and photograph, where one part of the image shows subtle movement and the rest remains still.

When done correctly, cinemagraphs are a clever and beautiful way to grab attention and make a lasting impression.

Flixel is a great online tool for making your own cinemagraphs, although you will need to pay for a sbscription. There are also loads of tutorials showing you how to create cinemagraphs in Photoshop.

This is definitely something I want to learn how to do in the next few months… watch this space.

Here’s a cinemagraph example from Giphy:

Click here for 30 more beautiful cinemagraph examples.

3. Bold typography

Gorgeous, editorial-inspired layouts using big, bold typography; colour blocks and striking imagery are a big web design trend right now, especially with fashion and lifestyle brands.

Creative layouts like we’re seeing today just weren’t possible a few years ago due to the limitations of CSS (a universal styling language for web design). But now new tools such as flexbox and CSS grid are allowing designers to be much more unique and expressive with how they arrange content.

Here’s an example of big and bold typography combined with a minimalist layout:

Kercia Jane Station Seven

Kercia Jane’s website (above) uses a Station 7 web design template. Station 7 designs gorgeous, minimalist templates and themes for Squarespace and WordPress.

4. vibrant colour

Mainstream designers are becoming a lot more experimental with colour, using loud pops of colour, big flat colour blocks and vibrant gradients in web design. Red, orange, pink, bright green, blue and purple hues have become the key colours of many web and mobile app projects across industries.

If done well, designs that use vivid colours come across as energetic, optimistic and fun, plus visually emphasise key content and call-to-action buttons.

5. Duotone

I’m loving how designers are getting so creative with how they use and edit photos for web design. One of these effects is duotone, made famous by Shopify where only two colour tones are used. Other effects include creative overlays and filters.

Interested to really see how far web design has come since the 1990s? Have a look at the Web Design Museum here, which exhibits over 800 carefully selected and sorted web sites that show web design trends between the years 1995 and 2005.


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