What's your web design process?

The first thing I want you to know, dear potential, client, is that I am kind and patient, and making you feel comfortable, informed and empowered throughout the design process – and beyond – is my number 1 priority. I care deeply about every project and put heart and soul into offering the best service possible.

1. Discovery:

Virtual or face-to-face meet-up to chat about your project, your business and your goals. The aim of this meeting is for me to get as much info as possible so I can then do further research and present you with a proposal, quotation & design schedule.

2. Planning

Once we have both signed the service contract and you have paid a 50% prepayment, planning for your new design begins.

I send you a website content planner and a guide to help you that needs to be completed by the date specified in the design schedule.

Once you’ve completed the content planner, I will use the info to wireframe every page of your site. All this means is that I will plan out the structure [navigation menus, pages & footer]; create a basic layout flow for each page; map out possible user journeys; and create clear call-to-actions for each page. 

3. Design & Develop

Yay – the fun part.

I create a development domain for your project. This is basically a url linked to my domain that I use for designing and developing client sites. 

I start designing and developing the homepage. Once you have approved the design, I’ll design the rest of the site. 

When you have signed off on the final design and I’ve conducted a number of usability and browser compatibility tests, including mobile responsiveness, I’ll migrate your new site to your live domain.

Before going live, you will need to pay 40% of the total project cost.

 4. SEO & Analytics

When your site is live I will finalise the search engine optimisation, which includes setting up and linking Google Analytics and Search Console to your website. At this point I will send you the final 10% payment invoice.


Will my new website be mobile and tablet friendly?

Yes, every website Ruby Design develops will automatically adjust for different screen sizes, whether that’s a big iMac screen or a small iPhone screen.

I design with mobile users in mind as more users will probably view your website with a mobile device as opposed to a PC or laptop. In practice this means making sure your website delivers a great user experience to mobile users as well as users viewing on a bigger screen.

Before launch I will test your website across a number of popular web and mobile browsers and devices to ensure it works perfectly.

What is Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]?

Search engine optimisation, SEO, is aimed at optimising your website so that it ranks highly in search engine results when users search for the products or services your website is marketing / selling.

Thereby ensuring organic traffic to your website increases. Organic traffic simply means you haven’t paid to rank highly in the search results via a pay per click advertising channel such as Google Adwords.

Ideally, SEO specialists aim to get a website to appear on the first page of search engine results for the keywords and key-phrases being targeted.

In some cases, it’s relatively simple and quick to get a business to the first page of Google. In other cases where the market is competitive and over-saturated, it takes many months of consistent, behind-the-scenes work.

SEO services Ruby Studio offers:

– All web packages include basic SEO. We help you identify keywords and key-phrases, conduct keyword research, integrate them with your copy, set up Google Analytics and Search Console and use a WordPress plugin such as The SEO Framework to create website metadata and submit sitemaps to search engines. We also advise clients to set up a Google my Business listing as well as social media profiles that include their URL in order to start building backlinks.

– We also offer a bespoke, more comprehensive SEO service that’s designed to help businesses operating in highly-competitive markets, or who really need to rank highly in Google, particularly in location-based search results. Please email Megan at megan@rubystudiodesign.com to arrange a no-obligation assessment of your website. Once we’ve assessed your site, we’ll provide you with a plan of action and SEO proposal.

Here is a blog post Ruby Design published outlining our SEO process – How I helped this B&B appear on the first page of Google.


Do you offer support after my website has gone live?

Yes absolutely.

For clients who want to manage + maintain their own WordPress websites: I include a detailed and bespoke guide showing you how to update your site via the content management system, make copy changes, replace images, change SEO details, amend products, publish a blog post and monitor your site’s analytics. I create a bespoke WordPress admin dashboard for you and include tutorial videos .

I also provide free email, website monitoring and phone support for 6 months after launch and will fix any development issues free of charge during this time.

When developing your website I will also create a back-up system for you so that your site files are protected by regular backups. I’ll explain how this works in your website user guide.

For clients who don’t want to manage their own sites: I offer web care plans starting from R650 per month.

This includes:

– bi-monthly plugin, theme & security updates;

– general maintenance including security monitoring;

– 1 hour of development work during the month [ this includes updates and copy / product amendments requested by client and one blog upload per month – copy provided by client];

– Phone and email support;

– 6 months’ web hosting.

Do you offer web hosting?

Yes – Ruby Studio can host your website and register a domain / domains on your behalf.

Hosting packages start from R120 per month and include a SSL certificate.

Domain registration /renewal costs R100 per year for co.za domains and R200 for .com domains.

How do you calculate your service pricing?

Two main factors influence the pricing of Ruby Studio’s services:

1. The estimated time it will take to complete a project, from planning to launch.

2. The knowledge and experience Ruby Studio brings to each project or campaign resulting in the added value we can offer clients.

While Ruby Studio may be a new business, Megan – Ruby Studio’s owner/manager – brings a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to each project and client.

Before launching Ruby Studio, Megan gained over 10 years’ experience working in fast-paced corporate and agency environments in South Africa and the UK. Her experience covers media + communications, public relations, brand management, graphic + digital design and strategic digital marketing. 

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