How to craft a clear & concise

brand statement


Use your concise & authentic one sentence brand statement on your website, social media profiles and when people ask ‘What you do’.

I know how hard it can be to communicate what makes your business unique and different.

I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what to say on my own website, crafting what I thought was clever copy, tweaking over and over again… only to end up with confusing messages that never clearly communicated the unique benefits of my business.

Many other businesses make the same mistakes…

Their brand statement is either too long, too vague, too general, too cluttered, too confusing, too un-relatable to their ideal customer, too inconsistent across their marketing channels, and sometimes not even there at all.

What happens when people don’t understand what your business does:

1 – They leave your website soon after arriving because they’re confused and don’t have the time, energy or inclination to try understand your business.

2 – They don’t tell other people about what you do because they don’t know either.

3 – They don’t trust your business, because they don’t understand it.

4 – And they don’t buy from you …. because they don’t trust you.

The 5 second rule

A ll day we’re bombarded with information –  websites trying so hard to get our attention, ads trying to sell us stuff, Facebook posts trying to get us to click, pretty Instagram images trying to get more likes.

This makes it important to let your potential customers know exactly what you do within 3-5 seconds of landing on your homepage.

If you follow the exercise below you’ll be well on your way to crafting the perfect & authentic brand statement for your business.

Creating a unique & concise brand statement


The incredible team from Go Live HQ came up with this simple brand bio formula to help businesses craft the perfect brand statement. I’m going to use it in this guide to help you:

Simply fill in the blanks and follow the instructions in italics.

My / Our _____________  – in this blank space use a unique and honest adjective to describe your business.For example: thoughtful, handmade, organic, authentic, caring, natural, vegan, traditional, sustainable, passionate, uplifting, renewable, empowering, eclectic, decadent, boho… 
_________________  -in this blank simply state your CORE product or service.

 _____________________________ – in this blank LIST THE MAIN SHORT TERM BENEFIT OF YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE. Think of what the customer will get or accomplish by using your product or service. Start with a strong verb.

so you can

______________________________________ – in this blank LIST THE MAIN LONG TERM BENEFIT. Explain how your product or service will change your customer’s life. For example: live worry-free, celebrate without guilt, relive the memories forever, or make a house a home. PRO TIP: This long term benefit should correlate to the adjective in the very beginning of this formula.

I f you’re not sure of exactly what to list, or have too many things that come to mind, simply spend time brainstorming all your ideas, adjectives, specific product benefits and how they change your customers’ lives.

Then create a few brand statements using Go Live’s formula and start experimenting with the sentence order to create something truly unique and concise that gets to the heart of what your business does.

Some brand statements in action:

– Our boutique design studio helps small businesses clarify what makes them so special and then communicate this to the world so they can grow beautifully.


– Our elegant guesthouse offers tranquility so that guests can truly unwind and relax in luxurious comfort.


– My empowering coaching service helps women create and cultivate the career of their dreams.


– Our handmade raw chocolate tastes heavenly and is good for you too!

Where to use your brand statement

A big reason for creating a brand statement is so that you can also create a clear & consistent brand message across your marketing channels.

Once you’ve come up with a statement you’re happy with, make sure to include it:

Near the top of your website’s landing page. A great brand statement will immediately tell people what you’re about and who you do it for, s those people will want to explore your website more.

– In your social media bios

– In your email signature

– In print collateral including your business card


T he focus of this exercise is to get your really thinking about what your business does and how it helps your customers and clients. It’s also to help you create something unique, authentic and memorable.

You really don’t have to stick to the exact brand bio formula – have fun, experiment, change stuff around, remove words and add words. Get those creative juices flowing so you can communicate more clearly, authentically and consistently across your marketing channels.

A great brand statement takes time and will change as your business evolves.

References: The brand bio formula was originally developed by Go Live HQ.

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