Shannon is a one of those open, kind and genuine woman I felt comfortable with from the moment we first met. After discussing her website, we sat in my lounge and chatted about life like old friends. I totally see how she can make people feel so comfortable and lovely in front of the camera.

She wanted a new website for her wedding photography business, Zuri Photography. In our initial meeting we talked about the type of clientele she wanted to attract, her photography style and future plans and we spent a bit of time mapping out the sitemap as well as looking at a few photographer websites for inspiration and so I could get a sense of her design preferences.

About a week later she dropped off her photographs for me to look at and select and I got to work designing the first draft of her new homepage. I love seeing a website come to life, and probably one of my favourite parts of the process is selecting imagery for the site. Shannon is a talented photographer, with a bright, crisp style, and it really was a joy creating a design that does her photography justice and elevates her business.

I got tears in my eyes when I read her response to seeing the homepage design for the first time. She said it gave her goosebumps, and was exactly what she wanted (even though she didn’t know what she wanted until she saw it). This is why I absolutely love what I do – these moments where I can really make a passionate small business owner happy because finally she has an online home to be proud of.

I know that Zuri Photography is only going to grow from this point.